"I'm very happy with the new Mixdown Max for Live tool from my good friend Jerome Robins. It saves me a lot of time when doing mixdowns. 100% recommend it!"
DJ PP (Chile)
"I am blown away by the results I've achieved using your mixdown and mastering services. The clarity, balance, and overall polish you bring to my tracks are outstanding!"
Logan M. (Australia)
“The Jerome Robins Clipper works exactly as it says it will, it’s truly an easy-to-use Device that provides true transient clipping. I’m pleased that it can knock down the spikes and boost the volume of my tracks!”
Neuro… No Neuro (USA)
“I've been watching a lot of guys on YouTube lately, you are better than almost all of them just based on this one session.”
Paranoid Jack (Canada)
"Your Ableton Mixdown plugin is seriously amazing! It's so easy to use and has become a total game-changer for me. It's now an essential part of my production process. Thank you so much for creating this incredible tool!"
Mark S. (UK)
Exploring is a journey into the world of advanced music production, led by Jerome Robins' expertise. His Ableton templates, like the Jerome Robins Ableton 10+ Native Mixdown & Mastering Templates and the Ableton 11+ FabFilter Mastering Template, are more than just tools—they're a gateway to professional-quality sound for producers and DJs at any level. His website isn’t just a store; it's a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to take their music production to the next level with professional tools and personalized guidance."
Ryan D. (Canada)
“Truly amazed how Jerome was able to bring my track to life with his mixdown and mastering services. I will continue to use his services for future projects without a doubt.”
Cameron M. (Canada)
Your mixdown/mastering templates have been a game-changer for me. They provide a solid foundation to work from and have saved me so much time in the creative process. Highly recommended!"
Manuel S. (Spain)
"Your new Ableton plugins have become an essential part of my productions. They're user-friendly and deliver exceptional results."
Diego A. (Mexico)
“I’ve been using Jerome’s mixing and mastering templates since they were introduced. It simplifies my workflow and speeds up sessions immensely. The read me instructions are very helpful. Not something you get with a lot of other products . I’ve recently added Jerome’s Mixdown Plugin for Ableton Max Live to the mixing template and I’m really happy with the results. I have a pretty robust collection of plugins and I’ll use one or two here and there, but I’m no longer wasting time scrolling endlessly through different units and creating unnecessarily complex chains of processors. I’m sure my CPU appreciates it as well!”
Kaelo G. (Canada)
"Absolutely love this Max for Live Mixdown plugin since incorporating the Mixdown plugin it's saved me time in the studio and it has removed the guesswork at what the sound levels should be for a pre-master. It's simple to use and it's just a no brainer. This should be in every producers toolbox."
Javi X. (USA)
"If you're looking to improve your mixing and mastering skills, look no further than Jerome's templates. They provide a solid foundation and help streamline the entire process."
Andrea L. (Italy)
"Ever since I discovered Jerome's Ableton presets, mixdown and also the mastering template, it has completely changed my workflow. They eliminate so much time and creates a whole new understanding of how the engine works under the hood. The instructions and tutorials are easy to understand. Every tool available is accommodating and there is a smorgasbord of tools to choose from and they are exactly what is needed when perfecting your project."
Division 4 (Australia)
"I recently attended a workshop and it was an incredible experience. Jerome was knowledgeable and provided hands on guidance throughout the session. Highly recommended!"
Sacha S. (France)
"I can't recommend Jerome Robins enough for his Ableton workshops. He's not only an expert but also a great communicator. He breaks down complex concepts into easily understandable steps. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced user, you'll definitely benefit from his mixing workshop!"
Daan W.
Overall, I'm seriously impressed with the Mixdown Max for Live plugin. It's become an essential tool in my music production arsenal. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned producer, this plugin is definitely worth checking out and will help you achieve the right volume levels on your track. Trust me, you won't be disappointed! Highly recommended!"
George A. (Greece)
"I've been using the Mixdown Max for Live plugin from Jerome and it's completely transformed my music production!"
Sebastian M. (Germany)
"Using the Ableton mixing and mastering templates have not only improved the quality of my productions, they have also really helped my workflow and organization. The Ableton presets and Mixdown plugin have also significantly helped me achieve a better overall mix of my pre-masters. They are all user friendly, and Jerome's customer service is excellent if you have any questions about how to get the most out of your products."
Calvin P. (Canada)
“Jerome’s Max for Live plug ins and templates are my go to for every project that I’m working on…especially the mixing plug in. What would takes me hours, only takes a few minutes by using the plug in.” Also his Ableton mix & mastering template helps me stay organized and allows me to work faster on my projects. Can’t thank him enough, honestly.”
Chris V. (USA)